International Collaboration and Mobility

IITH Students

Exchange Program

A student exchange program is a study program in which students pursue education at one of the international partner institutions for a period of more than 8 weeks upto a semester or two.

IITH strongly recommends and encourages its students to pursue a semester abroad in one of our partner Universities. Study abroad programs are typically intended for undergraduates & graduate students who would like to spend a semester abroad taking courses/project work. Exposure to International academic and cultural life is an important aspect of learning for students These experiences play a major role in their self-development and awareness leading to enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem.


The student must apply against information circulated by the International Relations office – Outbound Unit with whom IITH has an active MOU, which typically offers a tuition fee waiver and other facilities.

The student will then have to identify a set of courses to be taken during the semester abroad and check the suitability of the semester duration as well as the language of instruction.

He / She must then consult with the Faculty Advisor / supervisor regarding the suitability of the proposed courses. The approval of the Faculty Advisor is an essential step of the process.

The student must obtain the approval of the Head of the Department and the supervisor.

The student must then obtain the necessary clearances from the Academic section and Dean, Academics approval prior to submitting the request to the International Relations Office. Students carrying backlogs will not be allowed to participate in “study-abroad” programs. The student can submit his application form and other necessary documents to the International Relations Office. IR Office will then nominate the applicant to the relevant Office at the foreign university and facilitate the process of admission.

* Usually UG students who have completed at least 4 semesters , PG students who have completed at least one semester and Phd Students who have completed their course work at IITH are recommended for these opportunities.

Joint Doctoral Program (JDP )

Potential Research scholars (PhD) are admitted into Joint Doctoral Program with one of the international partner institutions through open advertisement and stringent scrutiny. Through this program he / she can pursue their research interests at the partnered university for a period of 6 months to 1 year.

When a MS/PhD scholar spends a significant time abroad at a research facility for thesis/ project work/research work upto 12 months , there is a measurable gain to the scholar and to the Institutes/Universities involved.


The IITH IR office will roll out the JDP advertisement for PhD admission for July admissions with the approval of the Director, Dean(Academics) and Dean (IR) on ourIR Office website and inform the PRO at IITH for wider publicity.

After the scrutiny and interview the student will be admitted.

Once the course work is completed at IITH he will be enrolled at the partnering University and thereafter starts working under the supervision of both universities.


In today’s challenging economy experience counts more than qualifications. Semester or summer internships abroad provide tremendous opportunity to gain invaluable work experience during college.

These internship opportunities differentiate yourself from your peers by learning real-world skills, gaining foreign language proficiency, and immersing yourself in cultural opportunities. They help make your resume second to none.


The student should directly apply for the Internship on the International University website after obtaining the required permissions from the department and supervisor. On the financial commitment (for travel, insurance & accommodation) of the concerned Supervisor the Dean IR will give the NoC required for application.

Things to be noted:

At IITH Summer / Semester Internship is optional.

The Eligibility is UG Students with CGPA>8.0 at the end of 4th semester

Duration of Internship - 6 months. The semester internship must be of minimum six months duration with a single company. The semester internship can not be fractalized.

Internship Timelines - January to June (i.e. in the 6th semester)

Credits - 6 credits. Evaluation at the end of internship by faculty committee

Internship Report - Students need to submit Internship Report for grading by IITH Faculty

The students should complete the credits of 6th semester missed out due to Semester Internship in any other semesters by end of 8th semester for award of B.Tech degree.

The students will not be allowed to register for any course credits during the semester internship.