Our Partners

List of Active MoUs’ Country wise

 Country Name Flag Name of the Partner Link MoU content
1 Australia Australia Flag Monash University IITH-MU MOU
2 Brazil Brazil Flag Federal Univesity of Sao Carlos (UFSCar) IITH-UFSCar MOU
3 Canada Canada Flag Memorial University of Newfoundland IITH-MUN MOU
4 Ethiopia Ethiopia Flag The Ministry of Innovation and Technology (Academic Collaboration) IITH-TMIT JDP MOU
5 Dambi Dollo University, The Ministry of Education (Academic Collaboration) IITH-DDU JDP MOU
6 France France The University of Lorraine IITH-TUL MOU
7 Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancees (IPSA) IITH-IPSA MOU
8 French Nerwork of Engineering Schools members of the FEDERATION GAY LUSSAC IITH-FNES MOU
9 Germany Germany University of Applied Sciences, CSE Department IITH-UAS,CSE MOU
10 University of Siegen (Academic) IITH-US (Academic) MOU
11 University of Siegen (Cooperation Agreement) IITH-US (CA) MOU
13 Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) IITH-DAAD MOU
14 Ireland Ireland University College Cork, Ireland IITH-UCC MOU
15 New Zealand New Zealand Allied Telesis Labs Limited IITH-ATLL MOU
16 Auckland University of Technology IITH-AUT MOU
17 Norway Norway University of Agder IITH-UOA MOU
18 South Korea South Korea Jeju Technopark, Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hyderabad IITH-JT MOU
19 Pharm CADD Co. Ltd, Busan IITH-PCADD MOU
20 Woosong University(Exchange) IITH-WU MOU (Exchange)
21 Woosong University (Cooperation Agreement) IITH-WU MOU (Cooperation)
22 Seoul National University IITH-SNU MOU
23 Taiwan Taiwan National Yunlin University of Science and Technology & Central Taiwan Science Park IITH-NYU & CTSP MOU
24 National Changhua University of Education IITH-NCUE MOU
25 YUAN ZE University(Educational Cooperation) IITH-YU MOU
26 Kaohsiung Medical University IITH-KMU MOU
27 National Tsing Hua University (Exchange Cooperation) IITH-NTHU MOU
28 Lunghwa University of Science and Technology IITH-LUST MOU
29 National Taipei University of Technology IITH-NTUT MOU
30 Yuan Ze University (Academic Collaboration) IITH-YZU
31 National Chi Nan University IITH-NCNU MOU
32 Asia University IITH-AU MOU
33 National Sun Yat-sen University(NSYSU), Kaohsiung IITH-NSYSU MOU
34 International College of Semiconductor Technology (ICST), National Yang Ming Chiao Tung (NYCU) IITH-ICST (NYCU) MOU
35 Turkey Turkey Istanbul Gedik University (Cooperation Agreement) IITH-IGU (Cooperation)
36 United Kingdom UK flag GoI & Govt. of UK & Govt. of Ireland IITH-GOI & GUK & GIR MOU
37 United States of America USA flag Purdue University IITH-PU MOU
38 Temple University (Student Exchange Agreement) IITH-TU MOU (Exchange)
39 Temple University (Cooperation Agreement) IITH-TU MOU (Cooperation)
40 Hewlett & Packard, Austin IITH-HP MOU
41 University of Pittsburgh IITH-UP MOU
42 Japan USA flag Osaka University IITH-OU MOU
43 Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University IITH-GSE-OU
44 Enrission Corporation Limited (Shiru Cafe) IITH-ECL MOU
45 Hokkaido University - Students Exchange IITH-HU(SE) MOU
46 Hokkaido University - Internship Exchange Program IITH-HU(IEP) MOU
47 Chaintope Inc. IITH-CI MOU
48 Hokkaido University IITH-HU MOU
49 Nihon University IITH-NU MOU
49 Toshiba Memory Corporation IITH-TMC MOU
51 Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Research Division, National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience IITH-EDM-NRIESDR MOU
52 Saitama University IITH-SU MOU
53 National Institute for Materials Sceince IITH-NIMS MOU
54 The International Cooperative Graduate Program National Institute for Material Science and Indian Institute of technology hyderabad IITH-NIMS(ICGP) MOU
56 I'm beside you Inc IITH-IBY MOU
57 Graduate school of science & Engineering, Ritsumeikan University IITH-GSSE, RU MOU
58 Ritsumeikan University IITH-RU MOU
59 Waseda University IITH-WU MOU
60 Hokkaido University - Exchange of faculty, research fellows etc. IITH-HU MOU (Exchange)
61 Hiroshima University IITH-Hiroshima U MOU
62 RIKEN Center for Advance Intelligence Project, Japan IITH-RIKEN MOU
63 University of Tokyo IITH-UT MOU
64 Akita International University IITH-AIU MOU
65 Shimane University IITH-SU MOU
66 Tokyo City University (Academic Exchange) IITH-TCU (AE) MOU
67 Tokyo City University (Student Exchange) IITH-TCU (SE) MOU
68 Kanazawa University (Exchange) IITH-KU (Exchange) MOU
69 Kanazawa University (Cooperation Agreement) IITH-KU (CA) MOU
70 Business Breakthrough, Inc. IITH-BBI MOU

JOINT DOCTORAL PROGRAMS Country Name Flag Name of the Partner Link MoU content
1 Australia Australia Flag Swinburne University of Technology (Joint Doctoral Program) IITH-SUT JDP MOU
2 Deakin University (Joint Doctoral Program) IITH-Deakin JDP MOU
3 Nepal Nepal Flag Kathmandu University IITH-KU MOU
4 Taiwan Taiwan Flag National Tsing Hua University (JDP) IITH-NTHU MOU
5 Norway Norway Flag University of Agder (JDP) IITH-UiA JDP

ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME Country Name Flag Name of the Partner Link MoU content
1 Italy Italy Flag University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli IITH-UCLV MOU (Erasmus+)
2 Turkey Turkey Flag Istanbul Gedik University IITH-IGU MOU (Erasmus+)