Hyderabad and Telangana

Telangana, the 29th state of India, is one of the youngest states of the country. Carved out of Andhra Pradesh, this state was formed on 2nd June 2014, with Hyderabad as its capital. The state has an area of 1,14,840 sq km and population of 3,52,86,757, which makes it the twelfth largest and twelfth most populous state of India. This state is known for its distinctive culture, unique cuisine and rich History.

This Telugu speaking state is situated in the southern part of the country with two major rivers Godavari and Krishna passing through. The state makes a perfect tourist destination with its diverse and unique attractions like Charminar, Birla Mandir, Warangal fort and so on.

The state’s economy is majorly driven by agriculture and Farming with rice being its major food crop. Alongside that, Telangana is also considered as a booming state for IT and startups with 68 special economic zones. The aspirational foundation of Telangana lies on Liberty, Social Justice and Development.

IIT Hyderabad

Indian Institute of technology, Hyderabad (IITH) is a second generation IIT started in 2008. Located in Kandi Village of Sanga Reddy district, Telangana, IITH is ranked among top 10 institutions in India for engineering (NIRF), making it one of the finest schools for science and technology in the Country.

The campus is spread across 576 acres (234 ha) and is designed by the renowned architects, Prof. Christopher Charles Benninger of Pune and ARCOP of New Delhi. IITH’s special relationship with Japan is reflective on its campus architecture.

IITH emphasizes on modern and interdisciplinary academia, with courses diversifying from engineering, Science to Design and Liberal arts to name a few. The foundation of IITH lies on research and innovation with vibrant research culture including innovation centers and incubators to promote entrepreneurship.

Academic life


The IITHLibrary plays a vital role in supporting the mission of the IITH by helping students, faculty, and staff gain the skills and knowledge they need to access and create information effectively. To achieve this, the library offers a range of resources and services, including research support and the creation of new knowledge. As part of this commitment, we have launched the PRAGYAAN (PRAUDYOGIKI GYAAN NIDHI) one million books project to develop a library collection in STEM(Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and Humanities subjects.
Cultural Council

They are a bunch of motivated individuals who believe that a college should have its equal share of fun & frolic along with the case studies. Our is an attempt to capture the vibrant persona of the students by offering them a platform to showcase their inner musicians, dancers, actors, painters, writers, photographers, and dreamers. They as a cultural team are responsible for keeping the spirits alive on the campus by organizing the multitude of cultural activities around the year. Be it a celebration of almost every festival or frequent open-air jamming sessions they make sure that every event lasts in your memory for a lifetime. Clubs under the Cultural Council are Infocus, Behind the lens, Vibes, Rang de manch, Gesture Shuffle, LitSoc.
Sports Council

IITH's sports is one of the more brilliant facets of this campus life. Our fiery enthusiasm and zeal are embodied in our motto, "the name on the front of a jersey is more important than the name on the back". IITH offers plenty of sports facilities, which include a common football and cricket ground, a hockey ground, a well equipped swimming pool, floodlit courts for basketball, badminton, tennis, and multiple courts for volleyball. Facilities for indoor games like table tennis, caroms, and chess are also available.
Media Council

The media council of IITH was formed in May 2014 and is a student council that helps take IITH to every individual in and outside IITH. They are involved in publicizing our institute through social media, social events, etc. The Media Council is currently engaged in various newsletters of IITH like the academic newsletter, placement newsletter with the guidance of different faculties, and PR Office of IITH.
Scitech Council

A Science & Technology club to provide a platform to technocrats to explore their ideas and bring in new innovations.
Mess Council

Mess monitoring council, also known as MMC, assists in the robust functioning of mess in coordination with mess wardens and HCU. Headed by the mess secretary, it represents the students' voice. MMC is responsible for menu preparation, mess inspection, and the grievance cell. It also regularly inspects the operations to look for various faults and ensure that the food quality is maintained at IITH. It strives to ensure that all the students have enjoyable and healthy meals at their second home.

Hostel life


Accommodations at IITH are excellently comfortable for students. The hostels are designed with radiant cooling technology to combat the summertime heat. Every student is given a single room equipped with the necessities including a bed, a wardrobe, a study table and a chair. Washing machines are available on each floor to be shared among the floormates. There are two restrooms and two bathrooms in each pod, to be shared among 8 people. The pods are architectured in a society like manner to get along well with each other and stay in touch, creating a home like environment away from home.

All of the hostels at IITH share two common dining halls namely, UDH and LDH, also new mess building is under construction. The dining halls serve both north Indian and south Indian cuisine (You can also buy extras if you wish to). The Mess secretary and the MMC student representatives periodically check the food's quality and hygeine. Also we have special dinner every month and the menu is revised every month according to the feedback given by the students.
Festivals and Celebrations at IITH

Every March, IIT Hyderabad holds Elan &nVision, a techno-cultural festival where students can participate and take part in a range of events. Milan, The General Championship, mostly held around September, is a competition where every hostel pits itself against the others in a range of sporting, technological, and cultural events in an effort to come out on top. All the festivals are celebrated with equal enthusiasm to portray the huge cultural diversity of India yet remarking the unity among the students. In addition to this, international festivals and important days are also celebrated with equal enthusiasm along with our international students respecting all cultures worldwide.
Sports and Recreation

You can explore and participate in a variety of sports, including football, cricket, squash, volleyball, basketball, badminton and many more. The recreational and friendship rooms, which are located between hostel buildings, provide a great place to socialize with people other than one's batchmates while playing games like chess, carrom, and other activities. A new sports complex with more amenities and facilities is under construction and is expected to be ready soon.
Hospital and Medical Care

You can visit the hospital 24X7 in campus for any medical care, where prescriptions are free and medicines are offered at a discount of 80% in the hospital's medical store ( You need to carry a medical booklet which you can get from the hostel office). You can also dial +91 8331036100 to call for an ambulance. In case of some serious issues you are referred to the continental hospital, hyderabad, where the bill amount is adjusted with the medical insurance provided by the institute.
Grocery shopping

Sampoorna, the supermarket of IITH, is located besides the faculty towers where you can get all the basic items, including toiletries, snacks, stationary, fruits and vegtables. Also, there is a general store besides canteen near hostels, which has all the basic items of daily use along with printing facilities.
Canteen and Eatery

Vendikins are available on the ground floors of some hostels and on different floors of Academic Block, with a variety of drinks and snacks. Nescafe and Amul Eatouts are available in the Canteen area, along with a wet canteen, bakery shop, juice center and a tea stall. Canteens and Eatout places are also there in Academic Blocks Ishthara, the food court of IITH has numerous famous Dine in/ Take away stalls which also offer delivery till hostels or Academic Blocks, around the campus.
Importance and Showcase of Culture

Bus stops, canteen are being beautifully painted by our design department students making the campus more eye catching beyond its amazing architecture.
Transport Facilities

EVs and Buses run across the campus through different routes for easy travel inside the campus. In addition to it, Sangareddy and Miyapur Bus servies are also going to start soon.